Winter Tyres

When it's winter tyres time – we make your car safer. Buy winter tyres at the Preston Tyre Bay! 

Are you looking for the right winter tyres? 

We have the right offer for every vehicle. 

Preston Tyre Bay is an independent tyre supplier. That's why you can expect a large selection of quality winter tyres in our workshop in Preston and online. We are happy to give you detailed information about our brands, driving characteristics of the tyres and the prices of the respective tyres. Please call us, send us an email or visit us without any obligation in our modern workshop and warehouse. 

Buy winter tyres - why? 

Of course, in the UK there is no (not yet) obligation by law  for motorists to fit winter tyres to a vehicle. You can leave your summer tyres mounted even after the season and just continue driving. 

But... as a specialist, we do strongly recommend a seasonal tyre change.  

You don't have to live in an area where it snows a lot during the winter. It is strongly recommended by experts to mount winter tyres from temperatures under 7 degrees plus. The grip of winter tyres is simply much better on slightly frozen road surfaces compared to summer tyres. 

In colder temperatures, the requirements for a tyre are very different from those made for the summer season. The winter tyre has a special, much softer rubber compound which provides more grip and a better driving performance on icy roads and snow. It provides the driver with more safety and a better braking distance on a slippery surface compared to a summer tyre.  

Winter tyres - fast and uncomplicated 

Thanks to the large tyre warehouse of the Preston Tyre Bay and our great connections to the major tyre suppliers, we are able to provide you with winter tyres in almost every size and for absolutely every budget.  

In short: You are looking for a fast, reliable and reasonably priced tyre service - With Preston Tyre Bay you will get exactly what you need! 

Below, we would like to give you some information about the different tyre classifications: 


Fuel efficiency is a measure of the rolling resistance of the tyre. A low rolling resistance tyre is fuel efficient because it requires less energy to roll. 

Wet grip is a measure of drivability on wet road surfaces. 

The specified volume decibel number provides information about the external rolling noise generated by the tyre. 

In order to visit us, you don't need to book an appointment.  

We will be happy to inform you on site and present you the latest technological developments and special offers. Our expertly trained staff will advise you and find the best tyre solution for you. We are looking forward to your visit. 

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