Wheel Balancing

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Welcome to the Preston Tyre Bay information page about wheel balancing. We hope you will find our text informative and helpful For any queries, please get in touch. If you think your wheels might need balancing, please come to our workshop in Preston. You don't need to book an appointment.

Strictly speaking, tyres are never balanced, but the wheels once the tyres have been mounted on the rims. The so-called imbalance arises because tyres and rims are never built absolutely symmetrical. In other words, a wheel is always a bit heavier on one side. This can easily be compensated in the workshop with a counterweight attached to the edge of the rim.

Due to the fast rotation, even small differences in weight release large forces. If the wheel weighs only ten grams more in one place, which is about the same as three cubes of sugar, then at a speed of 60 mph, a weight equivalent to 2.5 kilograms is tugged at the tyre. The faster the car drives, the stronger the forces. At a speed of 120 mph, ten kilos (= 1.57 stone) act on the wheel.

The differences in weight are noticeable when steering and also put a strain on the axles and different bearings. The cost of balancing is low, repairing the damage can be very expensive.


When you come to the Preston Tyre Bay for a tyre change, we will do the wheel balancing free of charge as part of the tyre service.

If you come to us from outside (did not buy the tyres from us), just to get the wheel balanced, we will be happy to do it and won't charge you a fortune either. We will take the wheel off, balance it and put it back on.

No wheel change without balancing!

Many drivers assume that re-balancing the tyres is unnecessary if they are seasonally mounted after or before winter. This is only partially true, because the weights may have shifted slightly. Anyone who fails to check for imbalance during the change may save the cost of balancing, but runs the risk of finding out after a short drive that this was a mistake.

Now that the wheels have to be dismantled again, higher costs are incurred. Especially if an expensive TPMS service kit is needed. With aluminium wheels, this economy can now lead to much higher costs. The risk of doing without the re-balancing should only be taken by drivers driving a car without TPMS and with steel wheels.

Signs that balancing is needed

The flutter in the steering is noticeable only at high speeds. If you are mainly travelling in the city, you run the risk of noticing the imbalance badly on the first drive on the motorway.

For this reason, motorists should remember where balancing weights sit on the rims and drive immediately to the workshop if one is missing.

Tip: Photograph each wheel immediately after installation. This way it can be determined at any time by comparison with the photo if something has changed.

Talk to the fitter

Balancing weights are no decoration on the vehicle and care has to be taken by the fitter in order to avoid damage to the rim when fitting the balancing weights. If you have nice alloy wheels, you should talk to the mechanic that he uses weights for glueing.

With Preston Tyre Bay - Autocare, you don't need to worry about these things. Our experts know exactly what to do.