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Do not forget your hat!

Four inches long, black and rod-shaped, on the car there is hardly any part as inconspicuous as the tyre valve. However, this does not do justice to its importance, because without the small, pressure-tight detail, the best tyre would only be a limp piece of rubber.

Valve change with every tyre change

The average car driver has rarely to do with the tyre valves on the vehicle. Ideally, every few weeks, when he/she controls the air pressure in the tyres. If the pressure is regularly too low, this could also be due to a damaged valve, because the small parts have to withstand a lot: pressure, dust, salts, ozone, water and sometimes extreme force at high speed, when driving through potholes or on bumpy roads

The tyre manufacturers stipulate that a new valve must be inserted in the rim each time a tyre is changed. As a rule, this happens at our Preston Tyre Bay workshop every time. Usually, we use rubber valves, which are also called "snap-in valves" due to their attachment using a bead. For optical reasons, especially motorists who have mounted alloy wheels on their cars, often choose metal valves. The cost about three times more than a rubber valve, but they certainly look more elegant to a chic wheel than a small black rubber hose.

Pressure, dust, extreme forces: A valve has to endure a lot

Experts state that valves should be replaced after a maximum of four years - if not already a tyre and thus a valve change is pending.

Cheap valves from China should be avoided. These cheap imported goods are of much lower quality. Allegedly they lacked chemical additives that delay the ageing process of the rubber.

Must comply with DIN standards:

Even the little things have to comply with several Din standards, so for example, the so-called pull-in force for mounting the valve is fixed as well as the hardness of the rubber at different temperatures, including after 144 hours at minus 40 degrees. Motorists, therefore, have to rely on their tyre dealer or their workshop. And they can ensure that the valve cap is always screwed back after the air pressure control. Sometimes a valve breaks because the hat is missing and it is just too dirty.

In our case, you don't need to worry about anything.

We only use the highest quality valves to ensure extra safety.

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