Trailer Tyres

Check trailer tyres before each journey 

Even if the boat trailer is used only a few times a year, it should always be roadworthy and road safe. 

One of the most important components of this is the trailer tyres. These should be checked before each journey. It is particularly important that the tyres are filled with enough air pressure since trailer wheels normally do not have »tyre pressure sensors mounted. In addition, the tread depth of the trailer tyre should be checked regularly. As with all other vehicles, legislators prescribe 1.6 mm here. However, 3 mm are recommended by tyre experts - below this value, the driving characteristics deteriorate, and it can lead to aquaplaning, which is very dangerous for a trailer. 

Also, examine the trailer tyres for damage and take a look at the DOT number marked on the side walls of the tyres. 

It provides information on the age of the tyres, which should not exceed eight years because the tyre material has then hardened and no longer provides sufficient safety. For example, the DOT number 1512 means that this tyre was manufactured in the 15th week of 2012. 

Most of us have passed a vehicle on the motorway that was forced to stop at the roadside due to a flat tyre or just insufficient tyre pressure. 

With sufficient attention, such mishaps can be avoided. 

Trailer tyres - Preston Tyre Bay 

Whether it is a boat trailer for the transport of ships, horse transport trailer, car transporter, motorcycle transporter, van trailer, insulated refrigerated box, timber transporter, car trailer or just a cattle truck the Preston Tyre Bay in Preston has a fast and easily affordable solution for each vehicle. 

Regardless of whether you require »all-season tyres,» summer tyres or »winter tyres, we have a vast variety of tyres for your vehicle and/or trailer available. Just contact us or come directly to our workshop on Preston's Pattern Street. We are here for you with help, advice and the right stock at the right price. 

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