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Every single car requires maintenance of its various components for smooth functionality as well as longevity. Proper servicing, as well as regular check-ups by professionals, is vital to ensure your car performs better for longer.

At Preston Tyre Bay, we believe in providing our customers just the set of services they need. We have been in the automotive industry for many years now; learning, adapting and adjusting to serve our customers better. Our garage offers superior products and services at reasonable prices.

Tyres we stock

A leading reason why we are one of the most popular garages around Preston and Tarleton comes down to our huge range of tyres. Our garage stocks some of the best tyres available on the market right now.

Be it for replacing old tyres or buying a spare one, our in-house experts will help you in choosing the right set to suit your car. So, let’s have a look at types of tyres in Tarleton we stock.

  • All-season tyres.
  • Winter tyres.
  • Summer tyres.

Summer tyres are best for warmer weather conditions. These tyres give better responsiveness, traction and on-road grip. But as the season changes, you will have to avail a pair of new tyres.

These tyres are not ideal for icy and slippery road conditions and will tend to lose grip and reduce control of the car significantly. Hence, opting for winter tyres at this point would be ideal.

We stock a variety of all-season tyres for customers who prefer sticking to the same set over the years. Our garage even has a range of performance tyres for the sporting fanatics.

We are also quite diverse when it comes to tyre brands that we keep. Our workshop has tyres from some of the major tyre brands in the world. Let’s have a look at the few we store:

Get only the best set of tyres for your car at the most affordable prices.

Services we offer:

Our popularity might come from our collection of tyres, but we do not back down when it comes to servicing cars as well. We offer numerous repair and replacement services in Tarleton, to keep your car in tip-top condition.

We have a variety of service packages that you can choose from. Ranging from interim to full package deals, we offer these service packages at affordable prices. Here are some of the car services that we provide:

  • Wheel alignment.
  • Exhaust checks.
  • Engine diagnostic.
  • General Servicing.

If you are looking to get your car running in the best possible conditions, give us a call at Preston Tyre Bay or drop by our garage.