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Vehicle servicing with Preston Tyre Bay

Inspection - we will service your car professionally

In order to check the traffic safety and the condition of the wear parts at regular intervals, the manufacturers define safety intervals, which are the so-called inspections. During an inspection, not only the weaknesses and the deficiencies are revealed, but this maintenance of the vehicle also brings with it a very decisive advantage. Because it increases the reliability and the mileage of the vehicle.

We are your car workshop in Preston for the large and the small inspection/service and all common vehicle types. Of course, the respective inspection is strictly according to the specifications of the vehicle manufacturer, so that the manufacturer's warranty is fully preserved. With us, your vehicle is in the best hands.

Brake change - competent and reliable

As part of the maintenance of your vehicle, we check the brakes and carry out the brake change if necessary. Brake replacement is essential for the safety of your vehicle, because only with well-functioning brakes you are safe on the road. If you have already noticed a changed braking behaviour of your vehicle, you are welcome to visit us even without an appointment. Here at Preston Tyre Bay, we will do a free brake check for you. The front and rear brakes are checked, regardless of whether they are drum- or disc brakes. Not only do we make the complete brake change, but we also change brake pads and other brake parts. We are happy to advise you on the brakes of your car and make the change at short notice.

Oil change - engine oil change by a specialist

The engine is heavily strained by the use of old or even too little oil. The logical consequence: inside the engine, increased friction is the result, which in turn leads to higher wear. But that's not all: fuel consumption and exhaust emissions are also increasing rapidly. Therefore, it is advisable to make an oil change regularly and above all in good time. It is advisable to change the oil twice a year. An oil change is part of our small service and of course our annual, big service as well.

Regular oil changes extend the lifetime of the car

Although the specifications of the vehicle manufacturers, which are completely individual, apply to the due date of the oil service, the oil change interval is ultimately determined by the mileage of the vehicle. In addition, the timing of the last oil change and the quality of the engine oil used play an important role.

For our services, we only use engine oils from well-known manufacturers and parts in top-quality. Your manufacturer's warranty will stay intact at all times. For more detailed information about vehicle servicing or if you are not sure which service (small or large) should be done on your vehicle, please get in touch. We will be happy to advise you.

Please note:

Always bring your vehicle's service book with you (if you have one) when you come to us for the service.

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