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Welcome to the Preston Tyre Bay information page about Run-flat tyres. 

Run-flats make the spare wheel superfluous. 

The Run-flat technology (tyres with emergency running properties) is on the rise once again. A few years ago, the run-flats seemed to run out of steam; the market share is now rising again significantly. 

Run-flat tyres (including RFT or Run-On-Flat) allow car owners to leave the spare wheel at home. Neither the risk of accidents with a puncture nor the wheel change on the roadside is still to be feared: With mounted run-flats, the driver usually does not even notice that his/her tyre is defective. 

How does the principle "Run-flat" work? 

If a "normal" tyre loses air, it is gradually compressed until only the compressed sidewalls are between the rim and the road. The material is heated to a high degree during airless rolling, the components of the carcass literally dissolve. 

With run-flat tyres, on the other hand, it is possible to continue driving even if the pressure drops. To ensure this, two principles are used: 

The side walls are reinforced. This means a vehicle tyre is not compressed even without air filling. 

On the rim is a plastic support ring. If the tyre pressure decreases, the rim does not run on the flat tyre but rests on the support ring. This keeps the tyre in shape. 

Advantages and disadvantages of run-flats 

Thanks to the equipment with run-flats, it is easy to drive to the next workshop despite the puncture (up to around 150 miles at a maximum speed of 50 mph). The bulky spare wheel becomes superfluous. No wheel change (possibly at night and in the rain) needs to be performed. 

However, the disadvantage is the slightly higher price and the higher weight of the wheels. Also, puncture repairs are not possible for safety reasons. In addition, the vehicle must be equipped with an air pressure control system as otherwise, the driver may not even notice that his/her tyre has lost air. Nevertheless, in the course of increased safety, more and more drivers are resorting to run-flat tyres.  

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Please note: 

Adequately trained specialists only may change Run-flat tyres. 

In order to pull a run-flat tyre on the rim, special know-how is required. The side walls of these special tyres are less flexible than conventional tyres due to their stiffeners. Incorrect installation can therefore easily cause internal material damage, which can lead to an unexpected tyre burst.  

Our tip 

If you are planning to get new run-flats fitted, please visit our Preston Tyre Bay workshop. We have the experience and all the appropriate mounting equipment to carry out a professional and safe tyre assembly. 


Those who drive on run-flats reduce the risk of accidents caused by a puncture significantly. Despite a breakdown, a vehicle can continue a journey safely. You can drive to the next workshop with peace of mind and have the defective tyre replaced. For this increase in comfort and safety, many motorists like to accept the higher initial costs, as current statistics show. 

If you have any questions, please let us know.  

We will be happy to help. 

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