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Car servicing and spare tyres- that’s what Preston Tyre Bay specialises in. They are well-trained and adequately equipped to handle all your automobile related issues. Some of the complex services that we provide are:

Wheel alignment

Misaligned wheels are severely detrimental to your steering precision. Experts recommend getting a wheel alignment done when-

  • You buy a new set of tyres
  • Rotate your tyres
  • You go for your annual servicing

At our garage, we use technologically advanced wheel alignment equipment for the purpose. Our technicians attain regular workshops to upgrade their skills for operating these machines.

Wheel balancing

Due to the daily rigours and bad road conditions, your tyres may develop heavy and light spots on the treads. It essentially means that there will be certain points within the body of your tyres where the concentration of weight would be more than in other areas. The results include bulges which will cause incessant vibrations, decreasing drive comfort.

Our wheel balancing services in Charnock Richard involves mounting the unbalanced tyres on a cutting-edge balancing machine and rotating them at a particular speed so that the weight is evenly distributed again.


Clutches are not repair-friendly. There can be minor problems such as leaking clutch fluid, which you can fill by yourself. Other clutch issues include replacing malfunctioning components.

At Preston Tyre Bay, we only use genuine spare parts for replacement purposes. You can be assured of their quality and performance when you leave our garage. Let our technicians install and test the parts before you drive off.

These are just a preview of the services that we have to offer. You can find our entire list of services on the landing page of this website including a section dedicated to tyres. That’s because we have some of the best tyres in Charnock Richard available right at our workshop. These tyres come in all variants and from reputable companies across the globe.

Most of these tyres fall under three broad categories:

  1. Summer tyres
  2. Winter tyres
  3. All-season tyres

Apart from these general categories, we also have tyres in specific niches, such as:

  1. Performance tyres
  2. Run-flats
  3. Trailer tyres

Get the best set of services and spares for your car under one roof from us. Visit our garage on any working day between 9 AM and 6 PM if you want to buy a spare set or avail our top-end car service facilities.