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No air left in one of my tyres - what shall I do?

If you have a flat tyre, this may have a very harmless reason: The valve is defective. This problem can be easily and inexpensively eliminated by a simple valve replacement. However, if the tyre itself is damaged and the air can no longer be kept inside, an expert should be consulted.

Our goal here at the Preston Tyre Bay is to get you back on the road after a puncture quickly.

Signs that something is wrong with my tyres?

If a winter tyre or summer tyre slowly loses air, you can actually see it (these tyres have a lower tread depth than other tyres on the vehicle) or even feel it while driving.

It hardly ever happens, but in case of a sudden tyre burst, the driver loses control of his/her vehicle. In this case, we recommend holding the steering wheel tightly and keep braking until the vehicle stops.

If your vehicle has a tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS), the system will report immediately when the pressure in one of the tyres decreases. This installation of a TPMS has been required by law since 2014.

If your vehicle is equipped with run-flat tyres (Runflat, RFT), the vehicle can still be controlled in the event of a sudden drop in pressure. In these tyres, the sidewalls are specially reinforced and thereby do not allow the rim to rise to the ground. If your vehicle is equipped with RunFlat tires, you can drive about 50 miles with a top speed of 50 mph.

However, we recommend that even if you use run-flat tyres, you should always come to us directly and as soon as possible to get your tyre changed.

What should I do if I have a flat tyre?

To avoid further damage and for safety reasons, it is best to have the tyre checked as quickly as possible in the event of a puncture. Stop at the edge of the road, call RAC, AA etc. if you have a membership or mount your spare wheel yourself if you can, and come straight to us if you can.

How can a tyre be repaired?

Whether a tyre repair pays off depends on the location and type of damage. For safety reasons, only damage to the tyre profile may be repaired.

Always have tyre repairs performed by a specialist. Preston Tyre Bay professionals are experts in the field. All repairs are carried out according to the strictest safety guidelines.

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