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Performance and Ultra-High-Performance tyres  

Performance and Ultra high-performance tyres (UHP) are tyres with extreme width formats and diameters that are approved for speeds of 150 mph and more. The modern, wider tyres have considerable advantages over narrow tyres regarding lane change, stability and precision. Properties that play an increasingly important role in terms of safety, especially when driving a fast car at high speed. 

Only racing drivers used these performance tyres in the past. Today they are mostly standard. After all, vehicles that reach the above-mentioned top speeds have long been part of the familiar street scene. And every year, models that beat these speeds come on the market. Conventional tyres are barely able to cope with the demands and strains that the top speeds of many vehicle models entail. 

The tyres are often equipped with a directional profile which is indicated by an arrow and so easily recognisable. 


If your car can cover speeds in excess of 150 mph, your vehicle should be fitted with the right tyres. UHP tyres offer you many performance advantages and extra safety - but of course only if they have been mounted correctly.  

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Performance and Ultra High Performance (UHP) tyres in Preston - Preston Tyre Bay