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Cars function via multiple components which will obviously wear out over time with usage. To get them back in the proper functioning state, you require the help of expert service stations. This is where Preston Tyre Bay comes into the fray, helping you get your car back in proper running conditions.

We are one of the largest vehicle service stations in Preston and for nearby areas like Fulwood. Our garage provides some of the best products and services at affordable prices.

Tyres at our garage

One of the main reasons car owners look for a service station is to replace their worn-out tyres in Fulwood. This is why our garage stocks some of the best car tyres around. Here are some of the most popular choices –

  • Summer Tyres:

These tyres provide excellent on-road grip with better responsiveness and are ideal for warm sunny road conditions.

  • Winter tyres:

Your summer tyres will be useless in wintry weather, which comes with ice and slush on the tarmac. In this time of the year, it is best to switch to winter tyres which provide better handling and traction.

  • All-season tyres:

This type of tyre is ideal for a person prefers a set of tyres which can run throughout the seasons. All-season tyres provide considerable grip in hot as well as wintry conditions.

This is not all; we even have numerous performance tyres for racing enthusiasts to choose from. Now, all these tyres we store are from various brands. We tend to keep tyres of some leading tyre manufacturers in the world.

Our garage stocks tyres of Pirelli, Dunlop, Continental, Michelin and Goodyear. So, no matter what, we have tyres that meet your preference and specifications.

Services at our workshop:

We are also quite well known for our quality services in Fulwood that we provide. Our team of expert technicians with our first-class facilities will get your car back into optimal working conditions. There are two types of service packages where we offer interim service and full-service packages.

  • Interim package:

The interim service package includes a general inspection of the car with necessary minor repairs. We will check and fix issues with your tyres and the exterior, such as bumps and dents.

  • Full package:

This service deal consists of a thorough check of the car. Correction of wheel alignment, engine diagnostics and serving of the brakes and clutch are part of this package.

Hence, if you are looking to service your car, call us today to avail different discounts on these packages.