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Welcome to Preston Tyre Bay and thank you for taking the time to look at our website. On this page we would like to tell you a bit more about our exhaust services.

The Exhaust system: Much more than just muffler and exhaust.

An exhaust system is now full of technology:

Depending on the type of vehicle and engine, we at Preston Tyre Bay - Autocare measure, filter, post-combust, optimise the mixture preparation and yes, even silence.

Change is, therefore, a bit more demanding than "just" unscrewing and then mounting it again. As a so-called exhaust system, the exhaust is part of the (computer-controlled) engine management.

Exhaust Service: Relieve the burden on the environment and your wallet!

An exhaust usually consists today of the manifold, bifurcated tube, catalyst or particulate filter, front silencer, middle silencer, rear silencer and tailpipe. It is clear that a complete change in cases where only one part of the exhaust does work does not make sense. We also see our task not only in changing only the corresponding parts that really need changing to save you good money but also, if possible, in discovering potential savings in terms of taxes and consumption.

This is what we do:

When you bring your vehicle to us we will first do a thorough

visual inspection.

The next step would be the vehicle's engine diagnostics with our advanced computer equipment. After the error reading, we are able to tell what is wrong with the exhaust system of your vehicle and we can give you an estimate on the costs.

We are confident; you will be happy with our fair pricing.

Nevertheless, the estimate is not an obligation for you.

If you decide you want us to go ahead, we will carry out the necessary repairs (we only use original spare parts or original equipment manufacturer quality for you), reset and update your vehicle's on-board computer system, do an emission test to make sure everything is all right. If there is any chance for reducing consumption and optimising your vehicle's pollutant class (could potentially save you good money on tax), we would inform you.

If you have any queries, need an estimate or need help with your vehicle, please do not hesitate to contact us. We at Preston Tyre Bay - Autocare are open six days a week for you and always happy to help.

Call us, e-mail us or just come to us on Preston's Pattern Street. Our team will look after you and your vehicle.