Construction of Tyres

Sometimes our customers are asking us why tyres can be rather expensive. "A tyre is just a piece of rubber, right?" 

A tyre actually consists of much more than a single piece of rubber: each tyre contains up to 20 components. 

On this page, we at Preston Tyre Bay Autocare would like to give you a little insight into how a tyre is made.  

Each tyre includes the following elements: 

Tyre structure 

  • Each tyre consists of up to 20 components. 
  • The rubber compound used in the tread and the profile cuts in these significantly influence the adhesion on the road. 
  • The tread sub-plate connects the tyre to the nylon cover. 
  • Microflanco makes the connection between tread and side part. 
  • The two-layer spiral-wound nylon cover provides a safety bandage, especially for high-speed tyres. 
  • The steel belt provides the necessary strength in the tyre and thus influences the driving characteristics and the tyre contour. 
  • The so-called carcass made of rayon or polyester is like the steel belt a strength carrier and determines the contour of the tire cross-section. 
  • The side part protects the carcass 
  • The liner is used instead of a hose to cover. 
  • The bead protection influences the stability and protects the rim. 
  • The apex is another part that affects stability. 
  • Wires made of steel secure the rim protection. 
  • The compound chafer protects the tyre from damage during assembly. 
  • The core flag, a Kevlar or rayon cross fabric, influences the stability of the tyre. 
  • In addition, each tyre is made of different rubber compounds - a total of about 30 different ingredients are used for such a rubber compound. 

Not to forget the different tyre profiles for different purposes and different seasons.  

Altogether, it is proper science! 

All tyre producers are continually trying to improve the rubber compounds, tread patterns and production process of their tyres 

You see, there is much more to it than just forming a piece of rubber and put it on the rim. 

Next time you buy a tyre, you will know how much hard work and science are involved in it. 

Thank you for taking the time to come to our website. 

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