Defective clutch?

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The clutch is an important part of any vehicle with a manual transmission. Only the clutch allows the transmission of power from the engine to the transmission for a smooth start and the change between the different gears, so they must be treated carefully and above all, regularly checked. If a defect is noticeable, it should be repaired as soon as possible to avoid consequential damage.

At what symptoms can one recognise a defective clutch?

  • Despite a careful pedal action, your car has a bumpy start
  • Lack of traction Spinning of the clutch when accelerating
  • Gears are difficult or impossible to insert
  • The engine is not “strangled” during a clutch test.

Why is it important to repair a defective clutch? -

An intact and perfectly functioning clutch system is very important for the safety of all road users. If the clutch is defective, the power cannot be transferred from the engine to the transmission, and not only the start is difficult to impossible, even the risk of a breakdown is greatly increased.

When does a clutch have to be repaired? -

The clutch is a consumable part that is stressed when in use during every trip and also due to temperature fluctuations. If one sticks to a few basic rules as a driver and protects the clutch, it must be changed at best only once or even not at all during the entire life of the car. Nevertheless, a workshop should be consulted regularly to check the condition of the clutch by a specialist and have it replaced if necessary.

How does a clutch repair work? -

  • The transmission must be removed so that our mechanic can get to the clutch.
  • The clutch is removed from the vehicle.
  • The individual components, especially the dual-mass flywheel, are checked.
  • Defective or worn items will be replaced.
  • The repaired clutch and then the transmission is reinstalled in the car.

So, if you have the feeling that something might not be right with your vehicle's clutch, please come to see us.

We will inspect the car to see what needs doing and then we will give you an estimate. If you are happy with it, we will start working on your car to make sure you are back on the road quickly, safe and with peace of mind.