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Preston Tyre Bay is one of the leading service stations in Preston and its nearby areas of Broughton. Our garage offers a host of quality tyres for those looking to buy a spare set or change their old tyres.

There are a lot of things that are taken into consideration while buying new tyres. The first factor one must take note of while availing new tyres is the weather.

Tyres at our workshop

We store a wide range of season oriented tyres to cope with the ever-changing climate. Let’s have a look at what these seasonal tyres are –

  • Summer tyres:

These tyres are perfect for the warm sunny conditions offering excellent grip with better responsiveness. They are good until the temperature drops below 7 degree Celsius.

  • Winter tyres:

Once the temperature falls that low, you might consider swapping your summer tyres for a pair of new winter tyres. These tyres are excellent for wet and snowy road conditions, providing ample traction and better driving stability.

  • All-season tyres:

These tyres in Broughton are perfect for car owners who do not want to change tyres when the season changes. They offer excellent grip and ample traction throughout the year.

We also, stock a few other types of tyres as well. Here are a few –

  • 4X4 tyres.
  • Performance tyres.

4X4 tyres are perfect for a four-wheel drive car to travel off-road. These tyres give better handling and control on rough terrain. On the other hand, performance tyres are suited for people who are into motorsports and take their car out onto the race track every now and then.

Thus, with such a wide collection of tyres, customers can find any type of tyre they are looking for with us.

Services at our garage:

Our first-class services are pretty popular as well. Our top-notch facility and expert technicians provide numerous quality services. We ensure that the car is restored to its best condition through our servicing. Here are some of the car parts that we service –

  • Wheel Alignment:

Proper alignment of wheels is necessary for every car. Improper wheel alignment increases fuel consumption and significantly reduces drive-ability.

  • Puncture Repair:

Repairing punctured tyres needs to done with extreme care. After all, no one would like a blowout right after a repair. Our team of in-house experts can guarantee against blowouts after a servicing.

There are other services in Broughton that we provide as well such as –

  • Tyre fitting.
  • Wheel balancing.

We ensure to give our all in servicing your car when you bring it over to us. More importantly, we offer these services all at affordable prices.

So why wait? Drop by our garage today!