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In accordance with worldwide studies, England is one of the costliest countries to own a car. It shows that an average vehicle owner in Britain spends roughly around £3,500 for the maintenance of their car. However, the majority of that amount goes in fuel expenses, and the rest goes into repair and service.

However, now that we at Preston Tyre Bay are here, car owners in Preston and Blackburn can have ease of mind. We provide quality servicing at affordable prices. Also, our garage stocks some of the best tyres in the market.

Tyres we offer

We have numerous tyres catering to various requirements and specifications. No two cars are similar, so their requirement and preferences will differ as well. Hence, our workshop has a variety of tyres that you can choose from. Let’s look at a few –

  • 4X4 tyres.
  • All-season tyres.
  • Summer tyres.
  • Performance tyres.
  • Winter tyres.

Every season has different weather and road conditions. That is why we keep numerous tyres in Blackburn to ensure that our customers can avail any type of tyre they want.

Also, you will find a diverse range of tyres at our garage. From Continental, Kumho, Dunlop to Goodyear, and Pirelli, we have it all.

The reason behind having such a varied tyre collection is that every tyre has its unique features and perks. It allows the customer to have the last say in the tyres they want. So no matter your preference, you will find tyres meeting your requirements at our garage.

Services you get

Our services in Blackburn are quite well-known among car owners. We offer a ton of services to our numerous customers to keep their vehicle in perfect shape. Here are some of the services we offer –

  • Repair of punctures:

Repairing a tyre puncture can be a hassle. That is why our team ensures that the tyre is adequately repaired and you do not suffer blowout any time soon.

  • Wheel Alignment:

Proper alignment of wheels is crucial. Misaligned wheels will result in the fuel-economy to fall drastically and give you problems in driving stability. Let our experts re-balance your wheels for a smooth drive.

  • Tyre Fitting:

It is one of the essential services that we provide. Let our experts make sure that the tyres are properly fit to the rim to avoid impending safety hazards.

Thus, while servicing your car, we make sure to provide you with a long-term diagnosis and respective solutions. Contact us to get the best service possible on your automobile.