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Is one of your tyres leaking air from time to time without any visible signs of damage? The air loss might indeed not be caused by the tyre itself.

The pressure loss might be caused by a "leaky rim".

This is not very uncommon as, over time, dust, dirt or tiny stone pieces can slowly build up between the metal of the rim and the edges of the mounted tyre. This can cause the rims to become porous, and air will start to leak very slowly.

So, if you are suspecting a damage to your rim and a bead leak, come to us. At the Preston Tyre Bay, we will clean the wheel plus your tyre and coat the wheel with a special sealant to make sure there is no more leakage.

It is not that unusual for rims to start leaking around the bead area. Therefore, whenever we at Preston Tyre Bay change tyres, we have a good look at your rims and clean them properly before fitting the new tyres. If we notice any suspicious corrosion or rim damage, we will let you know. As a precaution, we could then apply the so-called bead seal to avoid any further damage and leaking tyres due to a bead leak.

Do you have any questions about bead seals or any of our other services? Please get in touch with us. Our Preston Tyre Bay team will be happy to speak to you. In regards to the bead seal, we will also be happy to show you what we do and which material we are using.

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