All Season Tyres

Welcome to Preston Tyre Bay. Many of our customers keep asking us about so called All-season- or All-weather tyres. 

On this page we would like to give you a bit of information about this particular sort of tyres. 

All-season tyres / all-weather tyres - a low-cost economy solution 

All-season tyres are worth considering for drivers doing mainly short distance drives and don't drive many miles per year. 

Many motorists who mostly drive in the lowlands and are rarely confronted with snow use all-season tyres as a budget everyday solution. 

All-season tyres can provide those motorists with a solution that cannot wear out the profile of their summer and winter tyres within seven to eight years. After this time the driver is recommended to replace the tyres because of the age of the material. 

A car tyre dries out after a few years, loses its suppleness and becomes hard. This makes driving with old tyres dangerous in the rain or on slippery grounds. 

If you are considering a change to all-weather tyres, you must be aware that with these tyres you are allowed to drive in winter abroad only if there is an "M&S" symbol showing on the tyre sidewall. In general, all-season tyres are designed for summer and winter alike as well as for bad weather conditions - but on ice and snow, they cannot match the performance and safety of real winter tyres. 

All-season tyres have been developed for four seasons in southern European countries and the UK, but in alpine regions like Switzerland or Scandinavian countries, these tyres are insufficient. 

All-season tyres on snow and ice do not match the performance of winter tyres and are therefore not an equivalent variant for winter tires. 

On the sidewalls of all-weather tyres, you will find the letters "M & S". 

M & S means mud and snow. If this designation is on your tyre, you know that the tyre is suitable for winter use. 

On winter tyres, the same symbol is also showing (very often in combination with a snowflake symbol)! 

Our experts at Preston Tyre Bay recommend the semi-annual change of summer and winter tyres. 

We are happy to advise you to find the ideal solution for you and your vehicle. 

We always have various all-season tyre brands available for our customers in many different sizes and for every budget. 

Please get in touch with us - call us, send us an email or simply come to see us at our workshop on Preston's Pattern Street. 

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